Shamanism is long standing idea in society to guide people in normal life issues as well as a therapy in physical and physic issues. The shaman is a person with extraordinary ability to see behind ordinary conscious, believes and thinking.

His skills are usually developed and explored over many years to be able to work with his insight methods for other persons.

I personally was introduced to shamanic work in 1999 after many years experience in homeopathic treatment and working in the psychiatry field.

The next step brought me into contact with traditional Chinese concepts of healing, especially the philosophy and practice of Taoism. Since 1999 I've practiced different shamanic methods such as keltic treatment, european originated wisdom of wizards, and asian methods of unusual consciousness based on Buddhism and Taoism. Today my main focus is on every day practices useful for people in their everyday lives. Business people in particular are often lost in too many concepts about optimizing profit but meanwhile losing their inner peace and happiness. Shamanic practice can lead us to inner wisdom about ourselves and help to gain back inner strength. 

The training of three days is useful for everyone on the way to inner freedom and consciousness. This experience will teach the basics of shamanism and how to use and practicing the first time. Ill guide the beginners on their first journeys and guarantee safe first steps in the world of spirits.